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Oliver  is a 30 second 2D animated short about a cat who has been kicked by his house finds a place where he can call "his home." This short film was made for 24 Hours Animation Contest in a team of 5 members. 

We first came up with the theme spending the first 30 minutes of the challenge. Secondly, we did a rough storyboard based on what we discussed and then shot video reference to time the final version of the film.


I did the rough storyboard and also did the final character design of the main character Oliver (on the left), based on sketches made by Ashely Chung and Juliana Tallman. For the overall design, we aimed for a friendly, warm, and sketch-like feeling. 

With great teamwork and organized planning, we were able to complete the film a few hours earlier than the deadline. 



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Search and Rescue is a collaborated animation sequence of dialogue shots. The objective of this project was to create a scene that feels like what we would see in a sci fi movie. 

After finding the dialogue, we discussed what kind of mood we cant to convert in the scene. I created the animatic (on the left) afterwards, then each one of us on the group adjusted the shots and enhenced the acting of a character while keeping consistency it leads well to the following shot. 

Below is the final look of the scequence.